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General & Special Education Advocacy

Strides of Excellence, LLC will invoke educational laws and gladly advocate on your behalf. This service is one of the top services we provide.

General and Special Education Advocacy Include:

  • Learner Profile Research-includes requesting and gathering documents from schools (i.e.. Psychological Evaluations, grades, screeners, IEPs, 504 Plans etc.)

  • Developing a Plan of Action

  • Pre-Conference Meeting with the family to share Plan of Action and discuss tactics for a Face to Face Meeting with school personnel.

  • Travel Compensation not to exceed 1 hour

  • Face to Face Meeting with School Personnel as a Multi-disciplinary or IEP Team (1-2.5 hours)

  • Post Conference Evaluation with Strides of Excellence and the client.

Diagnostic Assessments

(Educational Purposes Only)

Strides of Excellence, LLC perform independent initial informal and formal assessments for each student. These assessments enable us to tailor an educational plan for each student. The results will highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses. 


Customized Tutoring

Individualized Direct Instruction developed to strengthen identified areas of weaknesses or areas in which the consumer requests enrichment.


Print Rich Infused Home

The process of establishing home schedules is conducive to a child's development. Strides of Excellence, LLC will collaborate with families to set up home schedules that will benefit the student. These daily itineraries will set the tone for every moment of the student's day with clearly defined structures and routines. This may also include word walls and labeling household items to strengthen basic reading skills.


Home Behavior Management Intervention

Direct family intervention to assist with strong-willed children or teens. The Home Behavior Intervention Team will conduct a home observation up to 2.5 hours to gather data through interviews and observation. Based upon the results, the team will develop a Plan of Action which includes creating individual and family goals; incentives and individual coaching. This is a 4-6 week intervention process.


Educational Planning

We provide educational planning from the cradle to college to ensure the best educational environment for your child. Services include School Advising, Special Education Advising and College Planning. 

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